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Great idea. GPS a little slow

With the latest update, GPS performance is much improved. Prior versions had a significant delay, but it is now almost instantaneous. They do change the app every few weeks in ways that can be confusing. Always better, but it does take you out of the game a bit when buttons move around unexpectedly.

Really cool. Want my handicap though.

Really neat and works great and accurately. As an average golfer at best I just wish it would help calculate a serviceable handicap. Great though.

Great free app

I’ve used the free version for a few months now. I have a few friends that use it also and we put all our scores in app and keep up with each other’s round, even if they’re playing another coarse. I only enter my GIR, fairways and putts. It does much more, especially the $$ version. But that’s just TMI for me.

Shot tracking

Would like to see shot/distance tracking simplified. I am at the course to play golf not to be on my phone tapping the the screen 4 or 5 times for each shot. Like Golfpad tracking. If there was to simplify it more like there’s, this would hands down be the #1golf app.

Thank You

Love the app and love the game app has helped my game just not able to hit the ball as far always looking for ways to hit it longer I just can’t swing as hard hurts to much app has shown me ways to improve love the app TYVM

Minor issues

Yardages are very good but the app does not stay open when used on the Apple Watch. Every time you attempt to use it you have to push the crown to bring up the app page and then open the 18 birdies app to use it. Also, wind and elevation failed to appear when using the app on my iPhone X.


Best golf gps app ive ever used...

It’s good.... update okay

The last major update really made me stop using the app. They are correcting some things. But the one thing they have not corrected yet is scoring simplified. It use to be you enter your score and other players scores popped up immediately to finish your card. Now you have to close yours, swipe up, find the player, find the icon, and then put their score in for each person. All this in the sun clearing screen on a golf course where electronics really should be in the background, not dealing with it all the way to the next hole. To be honest I haven’t used the app since the first tome I tried it on the course and couldn’t stand how long it took to enter in everyone’s score. I try it again every update to see if it’s fixed at home. But it’s still not and that is disappointing. So many good things, but this problem really overshadows them for me.

Best iPhone Golf App!!!

I reviewed the app more than a year ago. The app was good but not great. I made some concrete suggestions at the time. Update by update this app gets better and better. I’ve tried every major iPhone app available and this is now clearly the leader. But what impresses me more is that the developers seem to intend to consistently improve the app in a patient and consistent way. Keep it moving. The app in an absolute sense is very good (there are more superlative levels available) and it is by far the best out there!

The Best Golf app!!!

This has to be the best app out there for the price. I was on the fence about buying a handheld gps. Screw that this works for me. I noticed last time shooting a round with my cousin he kept asking me what did I get for distance, using 18birdies. You can even track your strokes and keep score. The only downfall is getting to the camera for pictures, and figuring out your handicap. Save your yourself the money and get this app you can thank me later.

Quit asking me to login

I’m trying to play and you pricks want me to log in through Facebook. Bugger off

Great app

Simple to use. Stores all my pertinent information.

Always Faithful

The app never lets me down and my golf pals all use it and we love it.

Love tracking my scores!

This app does it all. From tracking my scores to checking yardage’s and checking my buddy’s play, it’s fantastic! One complaint is that when I miss a fairway, the only options are left and right. Sometimes I hit through the fairway, or put it in a fairway bunker. How am I supposed to annotate that? Anyway, great app guys. I don’t know how I ever got along without it.


Great GPS.

18 Birdies Suitability

Screen is too cluttered....Only interest in GPS function .... ie, Yardage All other options which pop up on scree are MAJOR DISTRACTION

Uninstalling, too greedy.

Strokes gained used to come with the standard app, now it’s premium only? Nevermind, I will use Taylormade’s app instead.

Handicap calculator please

Love the app, best out there. I understand what you’re doing with waiting for the new handicap system to come out, but that’s over a year away yet and I hope to play more than a few rounds of golf between now and then. Can’t we keep the current handicap calculator integrated into the app as it was last year, and switch over when the time is right? I really miss that feature. I was improving my game rapidly last season and it was really awesome to see my handicap change as I finished out a round.

Awesome app

This is by far the best application I’ve seen over all. Who ever designed this app paid very close attention to detail. Great Job developers

Snow. Snow. Snow.. No. No. No.

Why don’t these apps have someone create digital footprints of these courses? Not everyone lives in Death Valley or Las Vegas. We get snow here, Google Earth and Maps images 99% of the time on our golf courses have snow on them, you can rarely make out its features such as bunkers or even the golf hole your playing sometimes. Golf Logix at least understands this that Google images don’t work all the time for some locations because of geographical features such as half the year with snow on the ground. This app is useless to me.


Stinkin awesome

It WAS good...but now they want $$$

I used to love this app. In fact I turned on so many buddies on to this. It’s so great! Well, it used to be! Apparently, now to create a tournament with my buddies, I need to pay a monthly or yearly subscription??? Really? $5/mo or $50/yr??? What really? Seriously? Look, I’m fine with buying an app, but a subscription model for a cool app that I may use 5-10 times a year? At most? More likely 2-3 for those super fun outings where we actually make a tournament! This is a total fail by 18 Birdies and just goes to show ya that nothing is ever really free. Even when they still give you ads. Here’s a thought 18 Birdies team...give the free account level like 5 tournaments a year. A casual user would be fine with that. If I’m someone that’s playing more tournys than that a year, then it would make sense for me to buy up my subscription level.

Just okay

There are much better golf apps out there.

Awesome golf app

I just started using this app. So far so good. Have to learn a few more things on it got confused a little , but I just hooked it up on the course for the first time with out really looking into it. But it seems really cool!!! It does everything you need from what I see!! Thanks

Needs hazard distances

Mplease add the hazard distances to the app, I want to know about the sand trap and water hazard, how far are they how far to clear them. Please and hazards to Apple Watch.

Just get the app. It’s the $h?!

Worth it. Love it. Gotta have it.

Why didn’t I get this sooner?

Great visuals, love the aerial views, and the yardage seems accurate.

Nothing good

Not easy to use... handicap always stays the same...there’s nothing great about it

CarolB golfer

One needs to play with app to get to know how to use it!!! Where are the instructions??? But do love the app as fare as Course information, great!!!

Advance to next hole and score

Ok app however it does not advance to score and next hole, check out Swing x Swing you will see what I mean!


This app is amazing if you don’t have the privilege to play at courses that offer GPS on the cart! Great at reading yardage’s and easy to keep score of your strokes! Highly recommend! Thanks for the great app!


This app is good for the causal or intense golfer. It is a good way to trash talk long distance, create tournament feature is great and did I mention GPS. I also like the stat feature is a big plus. I found my self using only this app when playing around. I’ve recommended this app to several of friends and anyone who will listen

Great watch and phone app

Works great with my Apple Watch! It’s 2-3 yard difference but it’s still works great, only wish is that when your using the watch it times out and sometimes go back to the watch face. Wish it would just stay on in the back ground

Very inaccurate

Have used on two courses and found it to be very inaccurate compared to other apps, Golf Buddy, and course measurements. Usually off by 6-10 yards.


Does this app track activity

Saw WSJ review, but disappointed and deleted app

Promising review, but clearly yet another app primarily trying to find out who and where you are to sell sell sell. Once filling out all that info, app was surprisingly clueless about courses near zip codes I tested. Bye bye Birdies!

Great app - But no handicap calculation

Does this app calculate your handicap? If not can you please add that feature? The already has the course rating and slope rating for all courses. I believe the equation is (Score – Course Rating) x 113 / Slope Rating Thanks!


Great app. Love the side games

Great app. But I can’t track my shots anymore

I’m a new golfer and love the app. It’s cool to see a bird’s eye view of a hole before you tee off. I played a couple rounds and used the feature where you drop a pin where you ball lies after each shot. But for some reason the past few times it hasn’t been available. I don’t know what happened.

Best app for Golf!!!

Fast, Helpful and doesn’t waste yours or others time!

Needs some work.

User interface is great, however when a I showed up to my Tee time today, my home course had no idea I was coming or had a time reserved for me. Almost 7.00$ for a wasted Tee Time reservation. Thankfully the course gave me my tee time, however had no reservation from 18Birdies.

Best I’ve found yet

Haven’t used it a lot yet but the free edition is by far the best I’ve seen. Thank you guys very much for this one. Job well done 👍

Handicap Tracking

Loving all the recent updates. Especially the course stats! Bring back handicap tracking and I’d give 5 stars!

Great Tool

For getting to know and understand the game, 18 Birdies has quite a treasure trove of info. Thank you to all who are involved getting the word out on skills, training, exercises and just good ole information. Thx a bunch 🏌️

Terrific App

Best golf app on the market Recommended by college golf teams

Very accurate

Love the accurate distances along with the birds eye view of courses. It helps greatly when playing a course for the first time. Well done guys!

Good App but the latest update (Aug 3) reduced some functionality

One of the greatest things about this app was the GPS tracking for every shot and the club recommendations however I can’t find the “add shot X” button anywhere after the update that occurred on August 3rd. Now I just have to enter the total number of strokes per hole without the distance tracking or the club recommendations.

Great All Around App

I can’t play without it. Great app.

Great app

Finally a tool that help me stay engaged and better my game. This app has it all! It takes all the guess work out of the game. Love it!

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