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When the GPS is solid so is the App

I’m not sure how GPS apps work so it may be an unfair criticism to say its not always consistent. The App may be limited by my phone or vice versa but it’s not always very accurate and will jump around (especially when overcast). The user interface is the best I’ve seen so far though. Easiest to use and a fun App. Plus you can link up with friends. I like it for what it is.

Love it!

Great app for calculating distance to figure out which club to use

Love it

Love this app, but it needs Apple Watch support

Ok but Grint better

Decent app for golfing. Liked the club recommendations. Other apps automatically determine round stats that you need to enter. The GPS is very slow and inaccurate. Again others do this better. With this app I used other players GPS for my range finder as didn’t trust the gps. Tried it for 4 rounds and will not be using it anymore. Appreciate the recent reply from support. In my testing the GPS took more like minutes if at all to adjust to the location.

Great app, 1 major problem

I downloaded this app a couple months ago and love every part of it. When the new update came out I downloaded it, and as soon as it was done downloading the app suddenly disappeared. Can I get this app back or is it gone forever?

Love it!

Love the app, gave it 4 stars because I just need it to work with my Apple Watch please!

Great idea. GPS a little slow

This would be a fabulous golf app if the gps was adequate. I just changed my location settings and it may improve.

Need Apple Watch complications

This app is the best that I have used thus far. As innovative as it is I am surprised that it doesn’t support an Apple Watch complication for yardage.

Love it!

Great app!

Great app download it

I’ve been missing out not having this app every round I’ve played. Stoked to have it as a caddy


I give it five stars very easy to use! Love the gps

Awesome App

I really don't write App Reviews and don't quite have an interest in starting but I golf regularly and this is a particularly great app. Download it. Just do it while it's free.

Worked well, wish they had a Apple Watch tie in

Great app. Works well. One of the better ones out there.


Best golf app on the market

Very nice golf app

I have been using this app since just before they added the premium service. It performs very well with no real issues. I have only used the GPS on a few blind shots as I laser most everything else. I like the scoring system but it is time consuming. They now charge for the game scoring part which was one of the reasons I first tried this app. To me the premium side is just to much money, but if the price was better I would most likely upgrade. Over all it's a top golf app.

GPS is inaccurate

With this latest update, Ive noticed the gps is way off, sometimes not even showing locations while in play. Never had this issue previously. Im not sure what the issue is but it is frustrating to use an app that does not keep up with you on the course. I will be going back to other apps or will use my garmin.

Needs UI update and more reliable GPS

Has potential. The GPS is very slow and not always accurate.

Great one !!

Really the best app in market , you can set target the calculating and dashboard are awesome. One request to developers to have it compatible with I watch .

Great app

Great tool and app. Just a lot of different buttons and not the user friendliest app.


Used this app the other day playing on an 18 hole executive course. Distance was always right. Great App.

Good, but I wish it would track more

I like this app, but found that later in the round the GPS begins to flake out. Sometimes it puts me fairly close to where my ball actually is. Other times it puts me on a different hole. I'd like to see if I can track my first putt distance so I can track approach proximity. Feet would suffice for accuracy. Additionally, I'd like to be able to track my GIR misses. Was it missed just left? Long? Short? Long right? Etc. That way I can track my trends in this area.

Apple Watch interface missing !

It is time for 18 Birdies to extend there software to include the Apple Watch interface for obvious functionality. Why is it not here yet? Others are passing 18 Birdies bye with this feature.

Great app

Love the app. It's the only gps golf app I use. I tried a lot of others. I wish there was a way to preview a course without starting a round, or maybe I haven't seen that option

Amazing free app

GPS saves a few strokes each round, easily. The scoring and goals features are fun. Love this app.

AWESOME APP for serious golfers!!

GPS was very accurate, and combined with their aerial views made the app very easy to use. I thought I saw an option to do so, but could not easily locate the way to reset the pin on the green. Other functions like managing your statistics was a nice extra. Highly recommended!


One of the best golf app


A MUST DOWNLOAD for all serious golfers!

Best Golfing App

Simple, Easy, and Fun. This app keeps track of everything you would need for a game of golf, plus it has an amazing GPS.


Enjoyable and easy to use. Was quick on my yardages, even when I closed the app between shots to save battery. It also only used about 35% of my battery over 18 holes. Not too shabby.

Easy to use and have fun with!

I've been using this app for recent rounds and it's been so easy to use! It has all of the courses that are around my area and gives me great yardages that my laser can't give me. Great app and I always recommend it!!

Great GPS

This app is pretty awesome. I use it every time I play, the gps in particular. You can set targets, see how far you hit the ball, how much further to the pin, etc. the only reason I didn't give it 5 stars is because you can't adjust your handicap after you put your real handicap in (unless you can and just can figure it out). As much as I would love to be a 12 handicap, I am really a 18. The other problem i have is it crashes every time I play the dream games. These are both things I look over because the gps is legit. I like the app and will continue to use it.

I love it. Easy to use GPS. Great way to score a round.


Very helpful!

Great GPS feature. Helps me out a lot.


Solid app.


Awesome app, very well put together.


Great app! Easy to use! Fun round ending stats!

Easy to use

Really easy to navigate. Intuitive.


This app is awesome and easy to use. It's great to get a group together on the app and play some skins!

Simple yet effective

I have throughly enjoyed this app, each time I've gone out I've had my friends download it so we can all sync up. The GPS is effective, and the scoring is easy. The only downsides I've noticed, it doesn't have a smart watch attachment, and you can't download the course you are playing early on, so if the area has bad service you are kind of out of luck for the most part. Other than that, I would highly recommend using.

Easy to use

I wish I would have downloaded this app earlier in the golf season. This is my first year picking up the game of golf and this app has been awesome. A must download.

Best app out there

Really enjoy this app. Great scoring system, the stats are helpful, and love the link with other friends while playing.

Very accurate, very helpful

Works great, makes playing much easier, unlike my putting



Great app

This is a fun app for seeing what others are up to and to share how much you enjoy the game. Would recommend this to all my friends!

Great App!

I've tried other GPS apps and didn't care for them. This one is easy to use and I love the scoring.


Great app


Loved the app. Then the premium version came out and now it doesn't update where I am on the course. Shows the the hole from the tee box then won't move to where my second shot is from.

Awesome help on the course

Helps you pick your club. Have not upgraded but think the club tracking could help your game

Cool new way to track your round.

Being rewarded for playing the game you love is great. Get rewards and enter into drawings for prizes.

I really like this app

Gps is accurate and easier to use than a range finder. The analytics is my favorite part.

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