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Help me with short game

Exactly what I was looking for!

The GPS tracking is as accurate as I could have hoped for, and really helps with club selection, especially for someone who is just getting into the golf world. Love the tutorials, and the golf bucks idea. Can not wait to utilize it more! Also wanted to say that they have an awesome team working behind the scenes! Had a question, so I sent an email to support, and had an answer from Austin within just a few minutes. Awesome app, and awesome customer service. 5 stars from me!

Go back to the old version.

I have been a paying premium member for over a year now and I am considering cancelling. The new app has way to much going on and is not user friendly at all. The strokes gained only show up in the round then disappear. Please go back to a more simple set up. You had such a good thing going.

Really compact and easy to use on course

This app is pretty awesome for being mostly free. It is quick and easy to track shots on the course and not overly clunky or invasive. The gps is accurate and keeps average of club distances for you which is extremely handy. Only thing I’d say I wish was included is the option to exclude specific shots (for example a shank) from the club average or caddy mode. I’d like to keep the shot logged for round tracking reasons but if I skull my 9i 180 yards downhill or shank my driver 150 yards it reflects in my caddy and club average inaccurately. Otherwise everything is this APP is pretty A+

New version too complicated.

I really hope the developers notice the error of their ways because the updated version of the application is too over-complicated. This used to be my favorite way to track my rounds, but the new setup is too cumbersome for use on the course, especially for the novice golfer. And I’m sure a large majority of 18 Birdies users fit into that category. It takes a lot for me to write a review so I was truly disappointed in this apps most recent update.

Just terrible compared to other apps

Unfortunately I bought an annual subscription. Can’t zoom into green to mark pin location like you can on other apps. Entering scores and stats takes longer than playing. Deleted app. Wasted $44!


Everything was fine and dandy until the last changes. U took something that was fine no complaints and made it not complicated and more time consuming. I don’t even know how to track my shots anymore. And now after 18 holes I get 5 golf bucks and I’m a premium member. I will b cancelling Golf shot I’m coming back to you😐

Five screens

I got this app and paid for the premium service to track all of my scores. The developers seem to be trying to compete with Facebook instead of being a golf score and handicap app. I have to go through 5 screens to see my last score card. I paid for the premium service based on reviews related to the Apple Watch functionality. Why can’t I end a round from my watch? After I finished 18 I tried to end the round on my watch and got an alert that I had to end the round from my phone. When I got my phone out of my bag and opened the app, it was on the screen for the second hole, which I didn’t notice. Summary: almost really cool app, focus on the watch. I do not want to mess with my phone on the golf course.

Golf Logix Who????!!??

I have been using golf logix for years and I finally can do an entire round without my phone running out of battery. The distance was right on point! Great app!

Wish list

It would be nice if I could see my actual past scores instead or in addition to a bar graph so I could give my club those numbers to establish an official handicap. I would also like the ability to edit where my shot lands after the round. Lastly when reviewing shots, it would be nice to see which club was used.

Not a very good player

It’s good once I figure it out

Shot Tracker

This is a great app. Elevation changes don’t always work great in areas where it is really hilly and possible shotty phone service. I also much preferred the old shot tracker. The new one is way to complex and harder to use. Takes more time to get the exact post up of the shot and could lead to misleading shot yardage’s. The old one allowed you to move the pins to disk in the exact location and give you a read. If it was not for that I would give 5/5 rating. Edit* After further use of the app I am still just as unpleased after the recent update and will be looking for other apps. Golf bucks are worse in every way now, elevation changes do not show up most of the time, shot tracking is extremely inaccurate and hard to use (due to lag and takes longer to dial in your location which just adds to length of round and takes your actual focus off playing golf), and wind is always off. Bring back the older version or make significant improvements. That being said the yardage’s are accurate and good. Nice for keeping score.

Fix it

Canadian golfers can not add all their info. (ex. Proper address, phone number, etc.)

James Hanson- Taylors,SC

I am very impressed with the accuracy of the GPS. The club selection takes all the guess work out of ones game. It is simple to use and certainly has enhanced my game.


Hoping to help get an idea of my handicap. Not offered

Love this app

I have tried several golf apps but use this one the most and I even stopped used my GPS watch because of this app. I track my rounds, stats and get to win stuff along the way.

Good app

The GPS on the Apple Watch fluctuates while standing still ranging 10yds difference. Also, the gps is 10 yds off of a laser pointer. Other than that the functionality is great. Also, when viewing your scorecard it would be nice if we’re able to view your scorecard in the landscape to see all the holes at once.

Best App our there but new update took away great feature

The app is by far the best on the market right now. Lots of great stuff embedded into the app. The GPS is great and very spot on. I do believe the new update got a little ahead of itself by completely taking away the old school method of tracking shots. I enjoyed tracking shots when comfortable or wanting to track. Now, you have to do the strokes gained in order to get that back. The way it does the scorecard with this makes it a little difficult. I am a fan of the update, but maybe it’s just the ease of use. Either way, definitely would recommend.

GPS weak

Last update messed up GPS tracking and please add Gothic Hill golf course in Lockport NY. Great challenging Par 3 golf course.

App Heading in the Wrong Direction

I have been using this app for about a year and used a premium membership for a few months as well. As far as golf scoring apps go, this is one of the best. However, one of the main things that differentiated this app from others was the DreamGames features. DreamGames allows you to spend GolfBucks (earned by playing rounds and sharing items in the news feed) for entries in prize drawings. I have won a towel, a hat, a box of golf balls, and even a $150 gift card. This is what kept me coming back to the app each day. Unfortunately, they recently made a change to the way golf bucks are earned by significantly reducing the payouts for various activities. For example, sharing a golf round used to pay a total of 50 golf bucks and now it only pays 5. I expect the reason they did this is because people exploited the previous system to accrue thousands of golf bucks. I feel like the developers are really missing the point on this one, as there are many users like myself that will stop using this app if things continue down this road. The scoring features are good, but they really aren’t better than the other apps out there. If 18Birdies can’t get control of Golf Bucks distribution they will lose much of their user base

Where are historical scores from all in the foursome?

Really bad app for locating historical scorecards from all in foursome. Searched endlessly with o success. I should have completed my research prior to purchase...would have changed my mine!!

Update Failure

A great and simple app layout has been destroyed with its latest update ... new layout distracts from playing golf. Take a step back!

My experience with 18 Birdie

I have enjoyed 18 Birdies for almost a year. The distances from the fairways to the different points of the green is very helpful and accurate. I don’t use all the benefits as I should. I pretty much keep score with it and use the distance. 18 Birdies is the Best golf application I have found! If you are a serious golfer get the app. It will help your game! Frank

Excellent app

18Birdies is an excellent app for golf lovers. I use it all the time. The access to all golf courses, GPS and scoring is great. The videos are helpful too. I recommend it highly.

Shot tracker

What happen to the old shot tracker? It’s only offered on gain strokes. Offer it in other modes!!

Format change

I would give 5 stars if it was the previous format. I don’t like the new look, where I’m automatically looking at the course. I like having the option of looking at it. Having my score and quick stats viewable while I’m playing is more useful to me. I do use the gps feature but when I want it’s a click away. Now the “to par” stat is tiny and hard to see. Don’t make the font so small as it should be quick and easy to score and track so seeing everything would be nice.

The the app but.

Today when I went to play all my history was gone.

GPS speed and accuracy

I have a Garmin watch but I wanted to check this App out for convenience since I use my Apple Watch most of the time. My only complaint is that 18 Birdies is slow to show me my yardage and is not as accurate compared to my Garmin. I’ll keep trying in hopes it improves.

Golf bucks change

Great app for use on every course I have played so far. GPS is usually very accurate and helps with club selection. One thing they changed though is how many golf bucks (currency used in app to enter contests) you get per round played. You use these golf bucks to get scratch cards for 5 per scratch. You used to get 40-50 per round depending on if you played with another 18Birdies user. And another 10 for sharing your round. Now you get five for finishing a round and one to share your round while the scratch cards are still five per ticket. There are options to share your shots or share your score per hole for five GB each but I don’t understand why that gives you more than playing a full round. I get the social aspect they are pushing but that is going the wrong way with it. I don’t understand that change and had to write a review since they respond to each one it seems like. Just looking for clarification on the golf bucks change. It used to be my favorite part of the app and kept me coming back to it but now with that change, golf bucks seem pointless now

Only One Problem

Enjoy using 18Birdies to keep score, handle statistics, etc. I only have one problem with the app. For one of the courses I play, Esquire Golf Club, Barboursville, WV the GPS hole layouts are not in the proper sequence. This makes it impossible to track shots.

Great app

Awesome distance and overhead view.


Doesn’t always store your shots. Paid extra for that feature and it has lost several shots over the last few rounds.


The app is awesome. It's like Facebook for golf !

Not an all in one golf app

I was looking for an all in one golf app with score tracking, handicap calculations, and GPS. This is not that app. There is no handicap tracking, official or non-official. When I wrote and asked if this was a feature coming soon I got a canned answer that ignored my question so I can only assume the customer service is bad too.

GPS Stuck

I often experience the app GPS freezing on ios. I switch holes, close/reopen app, reboot phone - no help. Cell data service is fine, and gps works for other apps without issue. Then after 4-5 holes, it automagically begins working. I hear several others complaining about the same behavior. Otherwise, a very handy app.

LOVE IT!! Very simple to use

Finally found easy way to maintain stats!!! Can’t wait to see my strengths and weaknesses to improve my golf game

Travel companion

Awesome app for traveling to courses that are new to me.

GPS is great!

The GPS plus feature gives me the power of a caddie right on my phone. One improvement I would like to request is to make the track shot feature easier to use. I don’t like that I have to drag the starting point pin from my last shot. I would like the starting shot for the second shot and onwards to default to the ending point of the last shot.

Great app

Makes a round great

Cool app for any Player trying to improve their golf game

This app is or pretty cool and very useful. It can replace taking notes on a scorecard as well as track important stats like fairways hit(even has option to Indicate direction ball was off the Fairway), greens hit, number of chip shots, and most important for myself personally is number of putts per hole. I knew that I needed to work on my putting but I had no idea how many strokes per round it was costing me. At least 17 per round, birdies putted into double bogeys, it’s very frustrating but gives you an idea of where you want to get some practice in. Overall cool app, download if you are serious about your game and enjoy using technology to learn how you can improve your scores.

Great app

This app really ties in everything you need in a golf GPS app. I would recommend downloading it to all my friends.

Tries to do too much

The app is good but you are constantly annoyed with other services they want to sell you. Bottom line, get a Garmin

18 Birdies

This app is fantastic!!! You can set up your betting games, your goals for the round and keep score. The yardage finder works on every course and all courses have appeared regardless of where I am playing. The prizes are absolutely a golfers dream. Everything is first class and they love all golfers🏌️⛳️


Does the job well.

Avoid this

I would rate it minus five if I could. Hard to use, no way to count putts uses battery fast. GPS is not very accurate. But worst is the constant intrusion to upgrade. Trying to get my distance I had to back out of at least two up sell screens. Very annoying. I used it once and deleted it!

Good app

The app is great. It is well made especially because it has so many features. I really don’t need to use every one. Really just the yardage features, but it is a good one for connecting to golf partners also.

Does not accurately keep score

The app does not accurately keep score. The app changes my score on the card mid-round. Pretty much worthless. Good at selling you nonsense. Bad at its fundamental task.

Not as indicated

Does not follow me on the course. Only a satellite view of course. Disappointing.

Great App for golfers

Great App for golfers to have fun with their friends and track their stats!

Pretty nice app but...

The app is good and I love the social network feel of it as well as a course management tool but...seems like the club database is severely lacking. The 2018 Callaway offerings have been out for sometime yet they’re not showing up in the database. Other company’s 2018 models are available but not these. Wouldn’t be a big deal but I can’t load clubs in without them being in the database which means I can’t use the shot tracking function to each specific iron without it. It’s a small issue but keeps it from 5 stars in my book. My rating is really a 4.99. Edit: great developer support. This was fixed in less than a couple days.

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