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First time i played this year i could not download the app, they said it was under maintenance. The next time i played i could download but the functionality did not work. So...

The best app of golf

I thinks the app is fantastic. Its make scoring so easy when u playing golf with u friends. And there have some games to choice.its awesome.

Too much info

App demands too much info to try it out. Typical data scavenger, wants to know everything about you and all your contacts. No way to run it without entering primary info. Side bets are a purchase later feature

Best golf app yet

Ive used them all this one works the best. Best part about it is how little battery it uses. The Google maps integration is super useful to find clearance distances etc. Believe it or not, its much easier to keep score with this app then a scorecard

Awesome app for tracking scores and GPS

I have used the app and found it surprisingly awesome. Its easy to track scores & shots and GPS works well although I have been using the Garmin S2.

On track for best golf app

I downloaded this app over other gps/ stat tracking apps because of the simplicity of score keeping, the quality of the gps, and connect feature. Ive only used it for one round so far, but its the only gps/ scorekeeper I have used fully during a round. Other apps I get frustrated with and end up deleting mid round, so for this to survive my pickiness... However, a few features Id like to see. - swipe feature on home screen to navigate to "more" sidebar and profile - default to par score rather than between par and bogey. This just creates an extra tap required when getting par when scoring bogey would still require a tap.. - move "favorite courses" list underneath the "nearby" list rather than at the bottom. These are favorite courses for a reason (membership, played most..) - Find a quicker way to add hole stats. I dont have a suggestion here, I just think it gets a bit tedious to click another button to add stats rather than adding them with the strokes. Overall, best golf app/ gps/ scorekeeper Ive used. Keep making improvements and Ill up to 5 stars!

Great golfing app

I love 18 Birdies; its a wonderful app that gives you yardage and keeps track of your score and allows you to stats. Its valuable when the yardage markers on the courses are not visible. Love it!

Just Another App

Seems like just another App.

Best and easiest to use!

Love this app! Scoring is simple, love the side game action as well. GPS is hands-down the best of any app out there. And the app is free!

My favorite golf app!

I love this app- it finally captures all of the features I want and need into one application. Its so easy to use and my friends and I play skins all the time. It really changes the game. And the tournament feature brings it to a whole new level. Love it!

Top Medio

Best GPS available for free, and the app doesnt drain your battery!

Cant change the tee box

App does not allow me to change the tee boxes at my club. Only option is white. Making the app useless to me.

Jury still out...verdict in - a winner!

I used this application for the first time today, and boy was I surprised at how great an app it is. The preciseness of the GPS, the ease of use of the overhead view of the whole, the ability to move the control to see accurate distances, personal assessment, etc. I didnt use any of the other features other than GPS and scoring. I was a little disappointed that if I had par on a hole and went to the next hole the score was not recorded unless there was some action taken by me. This has to be fixed, to get par on a hole and have it post is very cumbersome. You have to hit either the plus or minus and then it registers a score, then you have to hit plus or minus again to get back to par. This is unacceptable. I will update my rating the next time I play around, because I will utilize more of the features of this app. In summary, it has all the potential of being my go to app for any round of golf I play. Update: ok, this is my new favorite app! The yardages are spot on! I love the features, especially the bullseye to update the yardage, but i do have 2 suggestions. As mentioned above, i dont agree with having to enter par when it is already on the screen, so, either accept par when moving to the next hole, or add a setting to accept par when moving to the next hole. My score reflects par, but it isnt saved on the scorecard. Secondly, the bullseye at the pin location sometimes overwrites the yardage, can it be moved to the right a little? Otherwise, this app has everything i need on the course. Time to sell my Garmin S2.

Really Cool App

Definitely a must have for your golf game!

Great app!!

Very user friendly.. One of the best GPS apps Ive used.. Will defiantly recommend


If your keeping track of your game this app is a must. Awesome features to keep up with friends and how your game compares to theres. Sweet app. Runs solid

Gotta Have App

If youre serious about your game you gotta have this app. Every detail you could need

Finally a golf app for enthusiasts

Keep up the great work. Would love to see a watch companion app for gps distances.


Super simple and accurate GPS, and great scorecard. Very intuitive all around.

Cool app

Easy to use and helpful, never need paper scorecard anymore. The GPS finder is handy and free!

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